"In order to kick ass you first need to lift up your foot."
- Jen Sincero

Doing Bad Better is a lighter-hearted approach to making more positive changes in self care. It’s not about perfection or comparison, but it is about making more intentional choices “better” than we have in the past, in both the things we consume and the ways we choose to think and honor ourselves.

I’m Rachel, here I share my philosophy on eating, mindshifts, simple recipes, food swaps, and more.

My focus is to create change in health and happiness without stringent willpower in order to gently guide to lasting change. I hope Doing Bad Better can serve as bridge to look at eating and thinking differently.

On this site you will find:

  • Ways to get started on your own “doing bad better” journey.
  • Articles about the challenges of self care.
  • How to read ingredient labels.
  • Healthful food and product swaps.
  • Recommended healthy eating principles.

It’s about food choices

I try to base my meals on quality protein, organic vegetables, good carbohydrates, and a lot of healthy fats. I make simple meals at home and keep quality ingredients in my pantry. I participate in what I call “splurges” in which I deliberately choose (ahead of time) when I will be splurging at a meal. I find these planned “splurges” keep me on track instead of making choices on a whim as long as they are intentional, premeditated and not too often.Try to replace the idea in your head from I cannot do that to I can do something much better

I focus on substitutions as opposed to restrictions; bridging the gap from bad to better helps implement simplistic solutions for individualized health and wellness goals. Here we encourage you to experiment and be your own diet guru. It’s about finding the combination of foods that allow you to live your healthiest, happiest, strongest life with the least amount of sacrifice.

It’s not about perfection or subscribing to a dogmatic diet

Its also not about following a low-calorie or fat-restricted diet, points, fake food, or starvation.

If I were to define my personalized approach you might see some similarities to the paleo/ancestral diets, ketogenic and mediterranean, lifestyles but it does not fall into any category entirely.

I believe our bodies are as different as our personalities, we all have lots of similarities but no one person is exactly the same. I steal bits as pieces from these approaches and toss out what I don’t feel works for me while keeping an open mind.  

*Please note that Doing Bad Better is based on observations that are my personal experience and information from health and wellness professionals that share a similar dietary outlook. When changing your diet you should always consult your holistic health professional.

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